HFW day 7 : Out with Friends


Thank you so much lovehfw for let me and all muslimah bloggers to unite in fashion and modesty. We all have proved that fashion doesn't always have to show our skin, beautiful hair, or body shapes, but fashion can also become so attractive but without breaking the rules of Islam. 

I've been so inspired by many hijabis blogger. They are so gorgeous, fashionable, and modest. They have an awesome different kind of styles. love them all and can't wait to participate again for the next HFW.

Talking about friends, I do really miss my closest friends right now.


  1. Very cute and casual - Well done and good luck! :) xx

  2. Very casual look, I like it really much, specially the colours and your shoes!


  3. Woowww woww..hehe u r beautiful sis so, i guess the outfit is making it better. hehe..btw u r most welcome to check mine in here ok..followed u sis ^^


  4. you are soooo cute! and everything u wear suits u mashAllah, are you sure your not a model with those veryyyy long legs?? :p

  5. Hi, been keeping up to date with your looks on the HFW site & let's just say you got yourself a new follower! ;D Keep up the good work! =D

  6. Gorgeous outfit! Love all the colour :)


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