HFW day 3 : Break the Rule


I have no rule when it comes to fashion because fashion is not about rule but personality. I always combine different colors, prints and textures that maybe other people thinks 'it's weird' and said "I will never put this outfit together' because sometimes I realizing myself that my outfit is so weird, abnormal, and unsuitable each others. I love colors, I love prints, and it's crazy how I never think more than 1 minute to wear them together. 

This time, I'm way too rebel and also weird with my style. wearing black socks, boots, and harem pants. such a weird combination, I know. but hey, the themes of HFW this time is all about 'breaking the rule', so break it and have fun!


  1. I love your pics, they are so playful! And masha'allah what a lovely way to tie the scarf! ♥

  2. Your style is awesome! Don't let anyone make you feel weird! :D

  3. Anyway, I like the combination :D

  4. nice!! i like yr boot!!

    i glad if u can visit mine to =)
    and do leave a comment,i wanted to know yr opinion (^__^)



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