Organize myself


I've been putting together my schedule of this month like what am going to do, where i'm going to go, experimenting something, collecting stuff, and it all gives me a great satisfaction. I'm not organized person but start to organize myself is so tense and challenging. btw, I'm still working on my first design for my project that must be achieved this month. The most ridiculously thought that came in my head while thinking this is I know the result probably will be out of expectation. You know what I mean right? haha... but hell yeah, I dont wanna regret for not trying. i'm so EXITED!


These are my favorites....


  1. Love the art work, its really cool!! Love all the colours :)) Thanks a bunch for coming to my blog, I hope to see you again :)) Have a great week :) x

  2. Aw thats really cool : D yep!trying is the key.u neva no wot may cum out of it!

  3. LOVE IT! <3 xx

  4. I totally love ur blog!

  5. This looks awesome. i love that its so colorful. Thanks for the sweet comment, I'm following you. Hope you can stop by soon.


  6. you're hanna tajima from Indonesia,, I'm proud of you, kak :)


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