pink leopard


My friend was right when she told me not to throw away my mini dress because I still can wear them with blazer or cardy and of course with pants to cover up your leg. I always get confused when talking about jeans. Some people said that hijab women shouldn't wear pants that showed your leg shape but some said that 'it's fine but you must still covered your butt'. -oh my, did I said butt?-

for me who still a newbie, active, behave and sit like a boy, pants are so important. I always got my long skirt dirty and unconsciously stepping it and made me fall. well maybe I need some Process. 

btw, Still in love with my leopard blazer cuz it almost fit with anything. love love!

tried to have fun with make up plus fake eye lashes. a bit too much and un-neat... i know... Hehee... 


  1. the jeans thingy also confuses me. some say its wrong cause we shouldn't dress as boys some say its okay thats its not problem as long as you wear something long over it o.0

    You look so beautiful Mansh'Allah and very nice outfit :)

  2. luv the purple color here..
    the make up is gud too (not too much)

    hahahahaa, yeah.. it is better for us not showing our "bootay" (read;butt) some ppl said so some others said no.. id rather stick to the Quran,for me since 2009 i started wearing skirt only when im out (except for sport or training pants)

    but still, baby step is the best.. my suggest, dont push urself too hard dear
    everything is always confusing for beginner, but i believe Allah will guide us, insyaAllah

    so, keep the gud work darlaaa ^^
    fighting!! xoxo

  3. ohh my gosh!!!! seriosuly i cant tell you how much i love this look!leoard print can come across as chavvy sometimes here in the uk but honestly this is art! xxx


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