On my boring day


Don't feel weird with my weird body on the picture above because it's actually not my body. yup, that's not my coat, not my trousers, I didn't wear pink love glasses and also cat ears. I took it from google image then place it on the picture. Frankly, I was clueless about this day. I feel so extremely bored and become a slacker person who spent more hours sleeping than being awake. I didn't have any idea about 'how I edit this picture?' when I started to open photoshop. And So here's another results.

I mean gotta go to bed again~~ hehee


  1. wht a lazy bunny u are..
    i shud flew there and spank ur bootay ya!!!

    anywho, its cute blue coat darl..
    almost looked like ur last DIY
    remind me of UK palace's soldier with long high hat, dont u think?? Mmm..

  2. hahahaha....aslinya random banget nih postingan,

    but still in a creative way,


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