Goodbye Oppie


at 8pm on this bright evening, I heard a shocking news. I was in the middle of chatting with my BFF when I accidentally saw my friend BBM status. "Innalillahi wainailaihi Raajiun, Oppie," 

"what the heck! Is he fooled everyone with his new status?" I smirked in disbelief, slowly laughed but my heart was beat extremely faster.

But then... I stopped laughing!

I shook my head over and over again. "No. It can't be. she is so young.... it can't be. really?" I  keep talked to myself and just couldn't help but not to believe it. Then I stared again my blackberry screen and tried to moving my two thumbs and type "are you serious with your new status? Is she really passed away? why? when?" I asked him in hopes that it was not true.

But my wish that he would answered me like "BOO! HAPPY SEPTEMBER MOP!" was never happen. 

He replied 

"yes, iya. it's true. She just passed away because of complications disease.... pray for her."

Tears was slowly down for her and also for me who feel more more and more realizing again that Allah is Almighty for everything. Allah has touched me again, blessing me with His guidance, and advised me that I, you, and all the living things in this universe including human, jinn, and other creatures, will never know about our death, how and when. 

So, prepare for it everyday, every minutes, every seconds in your life to seek a refuge, forgiveness, and praises only to HIM.

Ohh, Oppie... my friend.... my sister in Islam....

Have I ever told you that you're a really really good and sweet friend? Have I ever told you that you are a person that I've been admire for the sweetest behave I ever seen? I'll be missing your beautiful smile, I'll be missing your  corny jokes and all the unique thing that you have. I really miss laughing with you.

GOODBYE OPPIE RISNANDI. May Allah SWT accept all your good deeds and forgive all your mistakes and sins. May Allah give you Jannah (heaven) for your next life.

 امين ....امين .....امين يا رب العالمين
(Amen... Amen... Amen ya robbal 'alamin) 

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