day today


I think all the girls are same when they got the first day of period. bad mood. So I messed up the day because my tummy was in extremely pain. I was plan to buy this and that, doing this and that, but everything ended up with failure! Oh well, maybe today was not my day. 

Btw, If one day you go to Tasik, don't forget to visit Simpati and try meatballs there. believe me, this place has the most delicious meatballs I ever ate!


  1. omg...
    looks tempting yaa!!!

    ohh my stomach craving for tht
    hiks :( pengeeennnnn.....

  2. wow :) you look amaazing mashaallah :D
    What do u use to edit your pictures?
    and what camera do you have?

    jzk ;)

  3. @ ikatrina-- tempting right, believe me once u try meatballs there, u definitely want it again and again

    @ aleepalee : thank you sweetz. I'm using nikon d3100 and a edit it with photoshop cs4... ^^


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