I hate with the fact that muslims are always become a suspect of bomb suicide that happen lately in some county especially with the country where I live, Indonesia. I don't know whether they really lack of knowledge or really really fulled with knowledge so they did it with the name of Allah and jihad. I don't know also if this is purely of terrorist act or some evil political conspiration (terrorist behind the law and authority). what I know is Islam teach kindness and not hatred. 

Cursed to whoever did and planned a bomb suicide in Solo a few days ago. government should work hard and make sure that this incident won't happen again in the future.


And now, how about a tenderness of purple?


  1. You look amazing!! You have some serious style :)

  2. this is lovely ; ) i very much agree with what your saying,its not really fair on us is it?

  3. Oh wow! You are so beautiful, and your sense of style is so amazing! I followed you immediately on blogspot and bloglovin, i can't wait to see whats next!!


  4. yeah, indeed.. i hate terrorist
    especially when they said, "for the sake of Allah"
    uff, V_V


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