baby blueee


Last month I finished watching 4 korean drama films and each drama was awesome! City hunter (action), Can you hear my heart (sad), Personal taste (Romantic comedy) and Baby-faced beauty (funny n inspiring). And for you who love fashion so much, I recommend Baby-faced beauty to inspires you. The story tells about 34-years old woman who still not give up her dream to become fashion designer although she's only high school graduated. AGE and DEGREE doesn't even matter. highly recommended!

1 comment :

  1. the some!!!
    gimme a break,,nowayyyyy
    i LUV Kdrama too!!

    just done watching "lie to me"
    have u seen tht b4?!?

    Mmm, personal taste and baby faced beauty???
    fine.. ill put 'em on my list then.. n_n
    hohohohohooo, yayy!!!


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