purple eye shadow


Do you also feel that explores clothes and make-up has always been the most best friend when we alone and bored ? I always feel like that. This morning I played around with purple eye shadow. I used dark purple to make it a bit smooky but I have trouble with the liquid eyeliner thought. I knooow i'm not an expert of this thing, but at least I had so much fun from trying and learn to use it. ^^,

Eye shadow : Revlon Color Stay 10 Berry Bloom
Lipstick : Pureglow Hazel delight 05
Pencil eyeliner : PAC (black)
Liquid eyeliner : Kai (black)
Concealer : Revlon light/medium
Mascara : Maybelline volume express turbo boost (black)
Blush on : Bourjois 35 Lune D'or
compact powder : la tulipe 02


  1. Thank you for your comment(^_^) i will check that drama out 'The greatest love' atm im watching 'Heatstrings' Ive watched soo many drama'si would give the list but it goes on & on ...lol my best ones are Boys Over Flowers & 'Wonderful life'

    oh & You look AMAZING Masha'Allah :)

  2. YOU LOOK STUNNING!!! that shade is lovely on you!
    Chari T (deep fried stilettos)

  3. Masha'allah you're so beautiful! I really love your photos and blog!

  4. u so beautiful lor dear..are u mixed?


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