Freedom to express


Modesty means to be free from materialistic world, expensive clothes, exclusive brands, and etc etc that could bring us to ostentation. We as muslim woman dressed to express not to impress. If you like bold color, then wear it. if you like accessories then wear it. If you wear make up to express yourself and not to impress someone else, then wear it. that's fine. Be yourself, free yourself, but don't break the rule and still in the line. 



  1. I think that's beautiful. If everyone in your community accepts the way everyone dresses I think it's very peaceful. :) I live in a small village, most people here are Roman Catholics I believe but nobody acts like their faith; there are a lot of scandals going on an accepting someone that doesn't go with the crowd? They wouldn't even think about it..

  2. you are so spot-on! we, muslim women dress to express, and not to impress! <3 that! :)

  3. i love your blog your feet is wonderful


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