DIY: leather Bow-Bow!


Ahh, sorry for too much color in this post. I just realize that the color might too SHOCK for some of you but I feel lazy and tired to edit it again. so i hope you won't be giddy to see these pictures. hehee....


Today I made bow tie and bangle from my dad leather jacket which is not used anymore. I cut the hand side, then prepare the materials. I'm not good at giving explanation, so I assume you will understand about how I made this from the pictures below.

(bow tie)

( Bangle)

And now I got a nice bangle... Yaaay! I like it!

Honestly, this is the simplest DIY I ever made! Try it!

Cheers and salam~


  1. Love your blog! the colors in all your posts are amazing.

  2. i heart ur tie n reddish jacket dear ^^,
    n u looked fabs with tht skirt..

    are u in bdg dear??
    hope i can meet u one day >,<


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