My new Hijab Style


( pashmina : pasar baru. red leather jacket : Kings. Jeans : planet )

Everyone have their own style. Some people love tight-fitting clothes and some love oversized. Some love bright color and some people love dark. Some love with the neatness but I am one of those who love messy style. Though I always change my hijab with different 'messy' style everyday, but I always forget how to wear it again. but today, I made a video for myself to help me memorize how I wear my hijab, step by step. I think I'll stick to this hijab style for a moment.



  1. This is such a great blog idea. You look wonderful and so stylish! I love all of the bright colours and contrasts that you play with. It's so obvious that fashion is close to your heart! Great job.

    xxx Irinja (

  2. I really like your blog. Especially since you incorporated your religion with fashion (if I am correct) it's amazing! I love it.

    -wilson (

  3. please make toturial for this hijab style, cos i wanna to try this at home.. :)


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