Knit tops


Using my maxi dress and knit tops from kings that so insanely comfortable. You can mix this tops with pants or dress, or whatever you like cuz it'll absolutely perfect. It'll give you feminine look or casual or even boyish depends of what clothes u would paired with. I choose maxi dress cuz this clothes was hanging on my closet quite long and I miss wearing it. 

Oh and btw, out of topic, these question keep whistling on my mind after observing so much fashion blogger. Do U think that brand-famous clothes are so important to you? cuz honestly, what makes them so important if you can find anything more cool, cute, or maybe similar but in an affordable price? Give me your thoughts.



  1. GAH I adooore this entire look! So much color and prints and fun and length! The dress is amazing! And while I love to follow certain designers and admire them and their creations, for me, brand-famous clothes aren't important at all. I enjoy much more finding unique vintage treasures for cheap and then styling them with some inspiration from designer stuff sometimes.

    --Megan//The Martian Tide

  2. thank you for commenting megan... and U have a same thoughts with me.


  3. I love the silhouette you have here! The first picture in particular! It's so slimming and lovely!



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