Bad dream



Assalamualaikum everyone! today i'm being so careful not to mess up with something. 


Because last night I had a bad dream. a kind of unlucky dream. My mom said that my dream means I'll lose something important. but then again she said to me that I don't have to believe it either. But my dream was soooo real that makes me afraid that something bad will really happen to me today. 

So, I decide to wear trousers instead of maxi skirt because it gives me more space to move. If all of sudden a thief attacking me, I'll throw my wedges to him and ran as fast as possible. Just like on a movie. hahaha


btw, sorry i can't tell you my dream about because it was really YUCK to read. I don't want you to say Ewwww while reading this post. hehe

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  1. Those pants fit like a glove! So cute! The purple shirt is awesome too! I love your style, so I'm gonna follow you :)

    --Megan//The Martian Tide


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