December 16, 2013

maxi dress

dress by Janeeta

ffiuuuh, finally back here to post something. How's life ladies? I've been totally enjoyed my time with my 15 months old boy who just started to learn about the world, exploring about anything. My life is pretty hectic and because of that reason, my plan to have another baby have to be delayed for another two years because I can't imagine how tired I am if I have two little babies on my hands. Noah is soooo active but also cuuute.  love love love... love him!

October 14, 2013

Black dress

dress by janeeta

October 10, 2013

About turban

This is the second time I posted myself on this blog with turban style. If you're my instagram followers, you might notice that I posted a couple pictures of myself with a weird turban. I actually a little bit obsessed and curious with this style and trying to figure out how to make this style fit with hijab purpose itself.

For me, turban is just-for-fun-style (just in front of camera for fashion fun purpose), not a kind of style that I would go out with it because when I wear turban I feel that I don't wear hijab. But this is just me. There're some people who would go anywhere with turban because they feel comfort, simple, and look casual with it. whatever the reason, I believe that turban is better than not wearing it at all. Allah knows our deepest intentions, Allah know the best.
To be honest, I always afraid to talk about this thing because turban style (in my opinion) is so confrontational. is turban considering as a hijab? any thoughts?
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